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O’Toole’s raffling 2 seats in a RIR sky box

From O’Toole’s Facebook;

Who wants to go to RIR this week for 2 sitting in the sky box fully catered? Get a raffle ticket at the restaurant for $5 for chance to enter the drawing! 2nd place: $50 3rd Place: $25 Get your tickets before the drawing on Thursday, 9/6!! Proceeds will benefit the U14 FC Richmond Girls Soccer Team Mystx! Good luck!!

Manchester apartments to go smoke free

The 187-unit Link apartment located at Ninth and 10th streets and Semmes Avenue is trying something new. No smoking will be enforced on the property including the pool and garage. More from RTD;

"It fits with our overall strategy and theme for the Link brand, which is urban, healthy living with a big emphasis on recycling," said David Klepser of Grubb Properties, the Charlotte, N.C.-based developer of the Link.

Klepser said the smoke-free concept has been well-received by prospective tenants. However, “a couple of folks who are smokers were told they need to look elsewhere.”

Residents at the Link will be fined for violating the smoke-free policy and likely will be asked to move out after two or three violations, Klepser said. A policy is still being formulated, he said.

Rex is missing, reward offered

Lost 8/11/12 - Reward- Possibly spotted at 24th / Semmes Ave on 8/30 around noon headed back towards Forrest Hill park Bainbridge side. He got off his cable and has no name tag or contact info. male, neutered, approx. 75 lbs., very friendly, he is a rescue dog and has a cut on his tongue from a previous owner who abused him, 2” black collar, white tip on his tail, very loving and spoiled rotten. He has been gone for 3 weeks now and we are very worried about him. We want him home where he belongs. We have passed out n posted 500 fliers, talked to local vets, postmen, firemen, businesses and have him on about 6 or 7 websites. He could be almost anywhere now. If you have seen him or have any info please call Melissa at 804-909-1858 or 804-231-0975. He is missed greatly and we love him and pray he is ok. Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Half priced rafting with Riverside Outfitters

Click the image to purchase
Vote for Woodland Heights songwriter Paulo

Woodland Heights resident singer/songwriter Paulo Franco (www.peflmusic.com) is up against Nashville’s best in songwriting competition. Let’s rally around our friend and show some support by giving him your vote. If  you frequent Crossroads on a Friday or Saturday night you’ve likely heard Paulo. Voting is extremely simple and you only have to do it once. Vote here and check out Paulo below.

Crime warning for scooter owners

This was posted on the Woodland Heights yahoo group yesterday, by Chelsea owner of Scoot Richmond.

Between Monday evening and now (Wednesday afternoon), there have been at least 3 scooters stolen from our neighborhood. Two of the 3 thefts have definitely occurred during the day, with the time of the 3rd theft being unknown. Two of these thefts have occurred since the owners left for work this morning. These vehicles may still be in the neighborhood, stuffed in an alley, hidden in brush, or something similar.

We’ve got some fairly professional thieves doing this, as they’ve been breaking locks that were previously thought to be impervious, they are kicking down fences, they are carrying scooters down stairs, they are really going crazy with it right now.

If I may ask you all for some favors, here they are: PLEASE lock your scooters up! Get insurance if you don’t have it! Use
more locks! Put them in your shed! Put them in your kitchen for crying out loud! PLEASE keep an eye out for any pickup trucks with scooters in them, and let me know if you happen to get any make/model/license plates. Anything helps.

PLEASE keep a look out for these vehicles!
—Vespa LXV150 - Cream w/ brown leather seat

—Genuine Roughhouse 50 - Red

—Genuine Buddy 50 - Italia - two tone olive green

Thank you so much for reading, and please call the police or call me
at Scoot Richmond (804 230 1000) if you see ANYTHING out of the

Thanks again.
Chelsea from Scoot Richmond

Fisher Elementary orientation tomorrow

From the Fisher Facebook page

New students and rising kindergarteners are invited to come to the school (Thursday from 4 - 6 p.m.) for a brief orientation. Meet your teachers! See your classrooms! Ask your burning questions! We can’t wait to see you there!

Two Weeks. One Goal. Renew Richmond

Click the image or read on to find out more. The official event is from October 1st - 14th but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and make a difference before. If you get together a team or start a project, let folks know about it here and perhaps a few more hands will pitch in. It would be very cool if we could get a bunch of H&H projects taking place.
Step 1: Form a team

Step 2: Send your team name, names of team members, contact information, a few sentences about your plans for cleanup and creation (if applicable), and a team photo to becky@sustainrva.com

Step 3: Make a plan. Decide where you want your beautification efforts to take place and how you plan to achieve your goals. Check with your landlord, city official, or district association if any efforts are in question.

Step 4: Take “before” pictures of the space you, or your team, are planning to beautify (pickup, plant, paint, etc..).

Step 5: DO IT! Put your plan into action. For the artists – pickup your “materials” and start creating your eco-art!

Step 6: Take “after” pictures and send all photos and a few sentences explaining your efforts to becky@sustainrva.com.

Step 7: Pat yourselves on the back for digging in and making a difference. And don’t worry – you may get rewarded for your efforts as well. A pat on the back is nice but let’s be real, a prize is even better.

More details here.

Interview and free pops from King of Pops courtesy of BTYPES

One of the most popular vendors on sunny summer days at South of the James Market is King of Pops. Paul Cassimus is the genius behind such diverse favorites as Banana Puddin’, Arnold Palmer, and Coconut Lemongrass. The blog BYTPES is a  posted an interview with Paul and is giving away some free pops. Hit the previous link for the rest of the interview and details on winning a free pop.

How do you come up with your flavors?
Most of the flavors were developed by the my friends in Atlanta who started the company.  There are also flavors for which we come up with on the spot given certain ingredients.  For example, I had a Peach-Nectarine pop a few weeks ago.  I had spoken to Saunders’ Brothers Farms at SOJ about buying fruit from them and they gave me a crate mixed with both peaches and nectarines.  So I just cut them all up and mixed them together.  There was no set recipe for a pop given a certain amount of peaches and nectarines, it was developed on the spot.

5th District candidate Shewmake challenges validity of Agelasto’s signatures

In the race for the 5th District City Council seat Lee Shewmake (candidate’s website) and Parker Agelasto (candidate’s website) are the 2 (used to be 3)  challengers trying to unseat Marty Jewell.  According to today’s RTD, Shewmake filed a complaint with the Richmond’s voter registrar and the city’s Electoral Board stating that Agelasto had errors in the required 125 registered voter signatures needed to be on the ballot.  The voter registrar and the Electoral Board ruled on the complaint in favor of Agelasto on Wednesday.

During Wednesday’s meeting of the city’s Electoral Board, Richmond Registrar J. Kirk Showalter said she had reviewed Shewmake’s complaint and found no reason to question Agelasto’s certification. She said it was the first time a candidate had challenged another’s petition signatures in her 17 years as Richmond’s registrar.

"There’s nothing in the Code of Virginia that requires people to put their full legal name on the petition," Showalter said in an interview, adding that she was able to identify some voters based on partial Social Security numbers provided and address information. "I saw nothing in her complaint that would lead me to change my certification or suggest to the board that we should take any further guidance from the State Board of Elections on this matter."

The article also goes on to discuss other complaints and issues with School Board candidate Tichi L. Pinkney Eppes and Mayoral candidate Michael K. Ryan.